ICE. WATER. HEAT. PRESSURE. All of our products are created by hand in small batches utilizing a unique artisan process. To ensure we pay full respect to each cultivar we use the highest grade, pure RO water, which is highly filtered. This maintains the integrity of the terpenes, the most important part of the plant, as they are responsible for health benefits, overall affect and flavor. Our attention to detail yields the highest quality, cleanest cannabis experience possible.

Every day more and more cannabis enthusiasts are stepping away from consuming concentrates extracted with butane. This is not only because of the potential health implications but also due to the emergence of incredible products being produced without solvents. Solventless extracts have now rivaled and surpassed the flavor profiles once thought to only be achievable through butane extraction and CLSICS continues to push this envelope. ​

Resin – involves a chemical extraction and strips all the other elements of the plant except THC. This results in a quick high that doesn’t last and may lead to a headache or paranoia. Most common are Delta 9 distillate, which only lasts about 45 min. Rosin – means a solvent less extraction. No chemicals or non volatile extraction. By not stripping the plant with chemicals, you allow for all elements of the flower to be present. As a result you receive all the benefits of the full cannabis experience and a clean, long lasting high. ​

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