How our Rosin is Made

1. Fill the Filter Bag

CLSICS fills the filter bag with a high-quality indoor flower.

The key here is to not over-stuff, as it is important to leave some empty space to prevent the bag from blowing out during the press.

2. Pre-Press Material

Put the filter bag inside the mold and apply pressure.

Pre-pressing the material ensures that it is more evenly packed & distributed to the seams, which makes for easier oil extraction.

3. Set Pressing Time & Temperature

Every strain is different and reacts differently to the same pressing times and temperatures. This is where the
“Art of Rosin” comes in.

4. Press Your Material

We then take a piece of parchment paper, fold it in hald and place the filter bag in between the two halves of the parchment paper. 

5. Collect the Extract

One the rosin has cooler, we use a titanium dabber too to collect the rosin from the paper.

6. Add the Extract to CLSICS Pre Rolls

After we’ve collected the rosin, we carefully insert it into the pre-roll and package it. After that, you’re ready to light up & enjoy!