Meet CLSICS: Enjoy Rosin Socially

High-tech extraction has reached its summit: full-spectrum solventless rosin infused pre-rolls. This innovation is the work of the San Diego-based brand CLSICS. Here’s everything you should know about them. Created with CLSICS.

Like the T-Rex and the Killer Whale after it, the apex predator of the cannabis world is here. But it’s not here to eat you alive, rather, it’s here to keep you feeling alive.

High-tech cannabis extraction has reached the summit and has never been ‘higher’ than it is with full-spectrum rosin by CLSICS, the first brand to make it to market with solventless rosin pre-rolls

Rosin infused pre-rolls have quickly made their way into the head stash of cannabis enthusiasts and CLSICS is leading the way with their top-shelf products featuring unique terpene profiles that deliver on a connoisseur level.


A California-based cannabis brand with deep San Diego roots that is committed to producing solventless products to be enjoyed socially.

Why socially?

Cannabis is meant to bring people together, to create community, and to aid you in living a fulfilling happy life; that means following your naturally developed social instincts. CLSICS makes carefully crafted rosin that has been pressed to perfection, with the intention of accomplishing precisely that.

Cannabis concentrates have become more than just mere consumables. The process that makes them possible is, in many ways, art.

Rosin is the most natural representation of that art form, and CLSICS makes it easy to integrate it into your natural lifestyle through professionally rolled and packaged, full-spectrum rosin-infused pre-rolls.

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